Continental Passengers Subdue Crazed Man Who Tries to Open Door Mid-Flight


Passengers on a Continental flight from Houston to Chicago got an unpleasant surprise yesterday afternoon when a crazed man rushed to the front exit door of the plane shouting that he had to get off. Two passengers leaped into action to subdue him with the help of a flight attendant. They held him on the floor until the plane could make an emergency landing in St. Louis. “So I go running and I see this guy with his hands on the door and there’s two guys trying to hold him and they couldn’t, this guy was a bull,” said Tony Harris, one of the men who held him down. “So what I did was I just jumped on his back, put him in the choke.” The other passengers reportedly reacted calmly. “Americans are not going down like that anymore,” Sonia Cunningham, another witness, said. “The men were all up and out in a minute getting him subdued.” Something to remember next time a flight attendant asks you if you are ready to assist if you’re seated in the exit row.

Passengers Help Subdue Man Who Forced Emergency Landing [KSDK]