‘Cuddle Cop’ Rape Victim Speaks Out


The anonymous woman who accused cops Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata of rape — and was subsequently put on trial and publicly vilified by Moreno's wife, Julia — released a response statement on Monday. In part, the statement reads:

I know that in a criminal trial a verdict of not guilty does not necessarily mean the defendants were found innocent, but I am devastated and disappointed by the jury’s decision. I have waited two and half years for closure that will now never come. Hearing that verdict brought me to my knees; it brought me back to my bedroom on that awful night when my world was turned upside down by the actions of two police officers who were sent there to protect, but instead took advantage of their authority and broke the law.

Everything they say about the difficulties of a rape trial is sadly true. One’s word is not enough in these days of C.S.I. and DNA. Even if people believe you, you are tested beyond what any crime victim should have to endure. While on the witness stand, the defense attorneys seek to shame and humiliate you for hours, even days, with deeply personal questions about your body, your intimate life and your social life simply because you dare to come forward. How saddening, how utterly disheartening.

She ended the statement by noting that, "For me, public opinion will be the ultimate verdict."

Kenneth Moreno's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, released this statement in response:

"Although the accuser cites 'public opinion' as the 'ultimate verdict,' we are a nation of laws; not mob justice. It was the jury, and not the 'public,' that heard all of the testimony in this case, including that of the accuser, and rendered a verdict consistent with the evidence and the law. That verdict should be respected."

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