Against All Odds, World Still Exists


Oh, look, it’s May 22 — almost May 23, by the time we got around to this post — and we haven’t been swallowed by hellfire yet. Despite the warnings of Family Radio’s Harold Camping, today has come. New York looks no more apocalyptic than usual. Yay, we’re alive. But, if you spent the past couple of years making a very big point about May 21 being Judgment Day — say, repeatedly insisting to international media that the world will end May 21, encouraging large groups of people to derail their lives and campaign in support of your prediction, and proclaiming it on billboards around the world — then today’s sunrise may have been something of a mixed blessing. “It’s been a really tough weekend,” Camping told the San Francisco Chronicle today, outside his California home, reportedly rocking tan slacks, a tucked-in polo shirt, and a light jacket. “I’m looking for answers. But now I have nothing else to say.” His followers would like some answers, too:

We know, we’re being sort of mean at this point, just because we were right and he was wrong. What if he really believed it!? Then today must suck. But perhaps Camping should look on the bright side: Uhh, the world didn’t end. So at least there’s that.

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