Dems Force a Vote on Medicare Bill


Less than a day after winning Christopher Lee’s vacant House seat, Senate Democrats forced a vote on Republican Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to overhaul Medicare. Senator Harry Reid brought the legislation to the floor, forcing Republicans to vote on the plan. The measure failed 57 to 43.”The Republican plan to kill Medicare is a plan to make the rich richer and the sick sicker,” said Reid, repeatedly referring to the “Republican plan to kill Medicare.” Five of 47 Senate Republicans voted against Ryan’s plan — Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts, Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, and Alaska write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski said the plan went too far. Rand Paul of Kentucky voted no, claiming the plan took too long to pay down the national debt. The vote was seen as a way to address growing concern and criticisms of the plan, and gave Democrats ammunition for the coming election year.

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