Disgruntled Bikers Prepare to File a Class Action Lawsuit Against the NYPD for Its War on Bikers


Have you or a biker you love been unfairly ticketed by the NYPD? If so, the law firms of Oliver and Oliver Law and Rankin & Taylor can help! The firms see a potential for a class action claim against the NYPD for the flurry of “bad tickets” that have descended on cyclists of late. NYPD data shows that the cops have issued 13,843 tickets this year so far, up from 9,345 for the same period in 2010 — and just 3,708 in 2009. A big plus in the plaintiff’s column: Not all the offenses they’ve been ticketing for are actually illegal in New York City. Like, say, failure to use a bike lane or failure to stop if you are entering the road off a curb — both of which were listed as enforceable violations on a leaked NYPD memo. In response to the crackdown, Transportation Nation is crowd-sourcing a map where cyclists have gotten tickets, which could also serve as a handy recruitment map for lawyers trolling for plaintiffs.

Cyclist Class Action Lawsuit Looms As NYPD Ticket Blitz Booms