Post: Strauss-Kahn Hit On Several Women During His Stay in New York


Dominique Strauss-Kahn made advances on two Sofitel Hotel employees before he allegedly assaulted a maid, and then he hit on a flight attendant before getting arrested, according to the New York Post. The report comes via interviews with every Sofitel Hotel employee, conducted by investigators in the case. First, the 62-year-old allegedly asked the Sofitel’s VIP receptionist, who escorted him to his suite Friday evening, to join him for a glass of Champagne after her shift, but she rejected him. On Saturday, Strauss-Kahn asked a hotel desk receptionist to share Dom Perignon with him in his room, but the woman declined. Later — after he allegedly “chased a maid down into his bedroom, grabbed her breasts, attempted to pull down her pantyhose, and forced her to perform fellatio before she tore free from his grasp” — the ex-IMF honcho had lunch with his daughter Camille, a Columbia student, before heading to JFK Airport. Finally, on the airplane, Strauss-Kahn allegedly barked, “Quel beau cul” — French for “nice ass” — at a flight attendant, moments before Port Authority detectives hauled him off the plane and took him into custody.

And in case you’re wondering how the Post covered this news: Horrifyingly, the paper describes him as “a frisky Frenchman … hungry for any piece of meat he could lay his hands on,” who “resorted to violence.” (Ack.) Meanwhile, Strauss-Kahn’s wife, Anne Sinclair, was spotted this weekend leaving the New York apartment where the ex-IMF chief is under house arrest.

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