Egyptian Stowaway Found Camping Out in Port Authority Warehouse in Port Newark, NJ


The Post doesn’t know what to do with today’s terror-related exclusive. On the one hand, the man found camping out in an abandoned Port Authority warehouse in Port Newark, NJ was of Arab origin, and you know what that means. Asem Ellbahnsany Haroon sneaked over in an unidentified freight ship, and his presence sparked a terror alert since Osama bin Laden, shortly before his death, had talked of blowing up U.S. oil refineries. (There are some of those near Port Newark.) On the other hand, there’s no evidence of ill-intent, and 26-year-old Egyptian had tried to come to America legally, on a visa, previously. He was denied, but he came anyway. By the time authorities found him in his makeshift campsite behind a fence, he was making little sense, and mostly appeared to just be hungry. “When I first saw him, he was so weak,” a law-enforcement source told the tabloid. “But he might be a terrorist and possibly be a threat because none of the answers he gave ever made any sense.”

Stowaway at Port Newark sparks terror probe [NYP]