Elizabeth Spiers: I Got ‘Sluggish’ Observer Back on Track


Newish Observer editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers is feeling confident. “I feel like everybody was a little bit sluggish [when I arrived] because the paper had drifted into this territory that it wasn’t quite what it used to be,” she told Business Insider in a bit of a slight against previous editor Kyle Pope. “I think everybody is happy that it’s going back in the direction that it probably should have stayed on.” I don’t know about what the paper “should” be doing, nor can I tell whether the “exercises” she’s having her staff do about the history of the paper (profiles on Observer figures and features of yore, and rewriting stories in “the Observer style”) are really making a difference. But the salmon-tinted weekly has definitely improved under her watch, to my mind. Which is a very good thing, because someone very important to us is about to start working there.

ELIZABETH SPIERS: ‘New York Observer Was Sluggish When I Got Here And Now It’s Back On Track’ [Business Insider]