Here Is a Picture of Ivanka Trump Dressed As a Pregnant Playboy Bunny

Real estate heiress, fashion entrepeneur, and now--political pundit? Ivanka Trump shares her views on the presidential race and discusses her father's political role, in Harper's Bazaar , on newsstands May 31. Please see attached for an inside photo and the cover. The link to must be included. Please follow the format: For more of Ivanka, check out the full story at

Okay, what do we think of this Playboy-style shot, which was taken for, of all places, Harper's Bazaar? On the one hand, it's a classic Ivanka image. Pose on the top of a building? Check. Flawless hair and makeup? Check. Adorable smile? Check. Great heels? Double check.

On the other hand: What the hell?

Ivanka Trump: The Interview [Harper's Bazaar]