In Awkward Twist, Tech Columnist David Pogue’s Wife Recorded Alleged Domestic Violence Incident on iPhone


Oh God, the alleged details emerging from the domestic abuse incident involving New York Times tech columnist David Pogue and his estranged wife make the whole thing seem even more twisted and surreal. From the Hartford Courant this afternoon:

David Pogue, 48, told officers that it was his night to be with the children and began arguing with his wife. He told police his wife had bitten his left arm and that she had been filming the altercation with her iPhone camera. Arciola said David Pogue followed Jennifer Pogue into a bedroom and allegedly jumped on top of her and hit her in the head with a phone. Both had evidence of the alleged assaults: David Pogue had a bite mark on his arm and Jennifer Pogue had marks on her head, Arciola said.

The phone he allegedly hit her with was an iPhone, Fox News reported. Oddly enough, hitting your wife on the head was not, however, one of the features mentioned in his 2007 book iPhone: The Missing Manual. Nor was it noted in the music video he made about switching to an iPhone seen here. "Use as a blunt object" must be a feature he only recently discovered.