In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like This


Mayor Bloomberg announced this morning that a model by Nissan was selected to replace the some 13,000 yellow cabs in the city by 2018. Starting in two years, the NV200 will be introduced to the city streets. It beat out models by Karsan and Ford, even though the Karsan was the only model that was handicap accessible (the Nissans can be outfitted for wheelchair access but don’t come that way). According to the Journal, the owners of the biggest taxi fleets are going to be upset at having only one model to choose from. The vehicles will be made in Mexico, according to Jalopnik, and will cost about $29,000. They’ll run on fuel-efficient two-liter, four-cylinder engines but won’t be hybrids, which means you will actually hear them coming. Admit it, stealth cab drivers? Sometimes it’s scary!

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