It’s Been a Good Day for Sad Dog Stories


Pups have had a rough go of it lately, but there have been some bright spots. Take the story of Mason — the Alabama miracle dog who was caught up in the whir of a tornado on April 27 and carried away. His owners assumed he was dead, but two weeks later, he showed back up, having crawled on two broken legs back home. He’s now been fixed up with two plates in his front legs that will help them set properly.

And then there’s Star. Star was a stray dog in Malta who was shot with pellets 40 times in the head, buried alive, and left to die. Officers in the city of Birzebbuga heard whimpering coming from under a plank with a tree stump on top of it and investigated. They found Star, buried up to her snout with her limbs tied up and shot–and immediately dug her out and took her in for emergency surgery. Remarkably, she survived, and has a long list of admirers ready to adopt her. Malta’s police have yet to find her attacker.

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