JFK Barely Concerned by Guy Who Claimed to Have a Bomb


On the list of people to be alarmed about at the airport, the guy who volunteers that he has a bomb in his bag should be pretty high up there. Such a man appeared at the Air France ticket counter at JFK on Friday. When the drunk Yonkers resident, Christian Boncorps, was asked what was in his bag, he replied, “My name is bin Laden, and I have a bomb in my bag.” Keep in mind that, though this was prior to bin Laden’s death on Sunday, this man was obviously not bin Laden, for a number of reasons. But did he have a bomb? Maybe! Sometimes drunk people say stupid things you can ignore, like “My name is bin Laden,” and sometimes they reveal dark secrets. So, naturally, employees called the cops … 40 minutes later, after the bag had already been loaded onto the plane.

TSA lax on bombed ‘bin Laden’ [NYP]