Jimmy McMillan Apparently Done Caring About the Rent


As unbelievable as it sounds, Jimmy McMillan — the most obsessive rent-lowering zealot in all of human history, a man who ran for various offices as the candidate of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, a man who always managed to somehow incorporate rent prices into discussions on entirely unrelated topics — seems to no longer be concerned about rent. The evidence?

Here are some lyrics from his smash hit song, "Ain't Nothing to Talk About":

"Rent — it's too damn high. Ain't nothing to talk about. Ain't nothing else to talk about."

And here is a quote from a video for gasolineistoodamnhigh.com ("a project of Let Freedom Ring, the Delaware-based conservative think tank," according to Dave Weigel), which stars McMillan:

"I want you to go to your gas station, and take some photos of the pump, and send me those photos at gasolineistoodamnhigh.com. And there's nothing else to talk about."

The Gasoline is Too Damn High. The Tea is Free. [Weigel/Slate]