Kathleen Parker’s Next Book Will be Called Shoot the Bastards


Striking journalist Kathleen Parker showed up at Michael’s last night to gab with the girls — Judith, Tina, Arianna — and toast Mika Brzezinski’s new tome, Knowing Your Value, at a party co-hosted by Tina Brown and Miles Nadal. Nursing Champagne, the former Parker/Spitzer co-anchor told us she has a book of her own in the works. “My first book was called Save The Males,” Parker explained. “My next book will be called: Shoot the Bastards.” Zing! “That actually came from my editor.” The syndicated columnist said the book will be related to gender, but its still in its early stages. “I need to get it nailed down before I announce it, or someone will steal my fabulous title.”

Brzezinski’s book, anyhow, is about women recognizing their value in the workplace, a topic dear to Parker. “I am a woman, and I have worked in media,” she said. “But I had a good lawyer.” Does that mean Parker is getting an advance for her next book? “Gosh, I hope so,” she said. “I did last time, and this one ought to be worth a little more.” Of course, we also wondered if Parker ever watches Spitzer (perhaps one of the titular bastards?) on CNN. “Every now and then I tune in if there’s breaking news, like everybody else,” she said, biting her lip. “But mostly I try to be someplace fabulous at eight o’clock every night.”