Lady Gaga Broke the Internet Today


Legions of Lady Gaga’s monsters were disappointed today when they attempted to purchase her new album, Born This Way, on The site was offering the new release at a special price of 99 cents in order to promote its new Cloud Drive service, which allows users to purchase and store MP3 files on remote servers and stream them over the Internet. But the service was so inundated with Gaga devotees that it stalled — and left lots and lots of Gaga fans upset. “It’s perhaps not a fatal flaw that this happened, but it certainly creates a challenge for them,” said Matthew Eastwood, an analyst at research technology firm IDC. “There is not a lot of forgiveness for things like this in the market. People will tend to move on and find other suppliers.”To address customer complaints, Amazon sent a single tweet: “We’re currently experiencing very high volume. If you order today, you will get the full @ladygaga album for $.99. Thanks for your patience.” No word from Mama Monster herself.

Lady Gaga Sale Stalls Amazon Servers [NYT]