Man’s Faith in Women Restored by Kind Nurse, Following Cruel Attempt on His Life


For some fools, when love sours, it can take time to recover. But not for Lee Knight, a beefy, tattooed 41-year-old British man whose marriage headed deep south in April of 2005, when his then-wife Kate laced his home-cooked curry with antifreeze in an attempt to kill him and take his £250,000 in life insurance to pay off her spiraling debts. Knight consequently suffered liver failure, and he was left fighting for his life; but, more important, he fell in love with his dialysis nurse, one Jackie Evans, on whom Knight first laid eyes when he came to from his five-month coma. The nurse cared for the heartsick, deaf, and blind Knight as he fought to recover and waited on a new kidney. Even though Knight’s first wife, Kate, sounds like a tremendously awful person, Knight not only survived but quickly learned to love again. Via the Daily Mail:

Knight has regained most of his hearing, and he has a new kidney. Eventually, he’ll undergo an operation to restore some of his sight. Meanwhile, Lee’s ex-wife, Kate, who failed to take his money, life, or game, was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to fifteen years in jail. Kate and Lee are planning a wedding at the Newcastle-under-Lyme Register on May 7, followed by a reception at the Moorville Hotel. Whoever buys the rights to these stories for Lifetime, plan accordingly.

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