Mayor Bloomberg Pretty Sure There Are Barely Any Subway Panhandlers Anymore

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 7: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (2nd R) rides the subway downtown to New York City Hall October 7, 2005 in New York City. Bloomberg vowed to ride the subway to work on October 6 during a press conference about a credible security risk in the city's train system. (Photo by Bryan Smith-Pool/Getty Images) Photo: Handout/2005 Getty Images

"There aren't very many panhandlers left, in all fairness to the MTA," Mayor Bloomberg claimed at a press conference yesterday, on kind of a random tangent. "Come on." You come on. If there aren't many panhandlers on the subway, what's with the people who announce their awful life story — five young kids, can't work because of crippling back pain, sister needs an operation, house washed away in a typhoon — to our entire subway car almost every day? Just looking for some encouragement? [NYDN]