Woman Missing in Nevada Since March Found Alive


Rita Chretien, a 56-year-old Canadian woman missing in Nevada since late March, was found alive on Friday, though Albert Chretien, her 59-year-old husband, is still missing. Rita and Albert got stuck in mud after turning off of a main road in a national forest while on a sightseeing vacation. Chretien last saw her husband on March 22, when he set off for help on foot with a GPS. The Sheriff’s Department said they’ll continue to look for Albert, and they’re not turning the rescue mission into a recovery operation yet. “We’re stunned,” the couple’s son Raymond told the Oregonian, upon finding out his mom is alive. “We haven’t fully digested it. This is a miracle.” Raymond said his mother doubts she would have survived another week, and she had been keeping a journal to let her family know what happened. Her son says she immediately apologized for the anguish she caused him and his siblings. [AP via Gawker]