Mitt Romney Will Save the Republican Party ... Next Week


Mitt Romney, the Great White Hope of the Republican Party, will formally announce his presidential candidacy on June 2, say sources. Romney’s leading polls — just points above Sarah Palin — and making lightweight digs toward President Obama in the meantime. “I know we are only a couple blocks away from President Obama’s reelection headquarters,” said Romney in Chicago on Thursday. “The president is a fine fellow but he just doesn’t have the experience in the private sector to know what it takes to get America creating jobs again.” Aside from his popularity in the polls, Romney’s also proved himself a successful fund-raiser — he raised more than $10 million in just one day last week.

Perhaps a sign of the schoolyard high jinks to come, Romney sent leftover pizza from his Chicago fund-raising event to Obama’s headquarters. He even tweeted about it: “Great deep dish at @ginoseast. Sending the extra slices to @barackobama and his Chicago HQ team.” Classy!

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