Mubarak Will Face Trial


He tried apologizing but it didn’t work: Hosni Mubarak will be put on trial for conspiring to kill unarmed protesters during protests in Cairo earlier this year. Mubarak could be put to death if found guilty. Among the other charges with which Mubarak was accused: illegally obtaining a seaside mansion as a kickback in a corrupt land deal, and allowing a corrupt “friend” to embezzle more than $714 million in public funds. A date for the trial — which will be tried by prosecutors Mubarak appointed — is expected to be set in the next few days. Tahrir Square protesters are planning a new protest on Friday in order to lobby for a swift trial. Around 850 people died during the eighteen days of anti-Mubarak demonstrations this past January and February.

Mubarak to Face Trial for Killing of Protesters [NYT]