Naked Man Tries to Top All Recent Subway Freak-out Videos


It seems lately that we’ve been inundated with videos of people being crazy on the subway. There was the woman who practically beat up another woman over a plate of spaghetti. And “Bloody Loco.” And then all the things involving rats. It’s as though New Yorkers are finally fighting back against something that we have long thought was our own private cross to bear, a singular phenomenon that happened underground that no one else would ever learn about. But no! We have viral video now! We have to take it in secret no longer! But now the crazies are fighting back, as evidenced by this video of a man clearing an entire car when he started screaming and taking off his clothes. The poor, abused New Yorkers around him don’t even really react too strongly to this bout of insanity until he rips off his boxers, at which point it becomes too much even for them. (Even so, the cops only get involved when he starts attacking people, while naked.)

If it wasn’t clear from the subject and the detailed description of events in this post, the video here is Not Safe for Work.