Newt Gingrich’s Terrible Day Topped Off With an Unprovoked Glitter Attack


If Newt Gingrich just gave up on his presidential run yesterday, announcing in an impromptu press conference, “You know what? Screw this, I’m done,” we wouldn’t blame him. All day he absorbed attacks from his own party for his harsh critique of Paul Ryan’s Medicare plane, and was eventually forced to call Ryan and apologize. A man in Iowa berated him face-to-face while shaking his hand the entire time so as to make the confrontation as awkward as possible. Politico discovered that Callista Gingrich had somehow managed to accumulate up to half a million dollars in debt to Tiffany & Co. And finally, an area political prankster dumped a cracker box full of glitter on Gingrich at a book signing in Minneapolis while heeding him to “feel the rainbow.” The man was protesting efforts to enact a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Minnesota, although surprise glitter attacks are probably not going to make people more accepting and tolerant of gays. In fact, surprise glitter attacks are exactly what old Republicans people fear most about gays.

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