Now EVERYBODY Wants to Own a War Dog


Did you know that about 300 super-awesome war dogs get put up for adoption every year? And that in the past, the military used to just end up euthanizing most of them?* Well, ever since word got out that Cairo, a Belgian Malinois, was part of the elite Navy SEAL team that took out Osama bin Laden a month ago, families have sent in 400 requests to adopt canines who are done with their tours of duty. This isn’t a cheap offer — prospective adoptees have to shell out $1,000 to $2,000 to bring the dogs back stateside, and since most of them finish their tours of duty at age 10, they often don’t have a long lifespan to spend in their new homes. Still, people are looking to house these bionic pooches more than they ever have been before. “These dogs are fully trained, are worth probably $40,000 to $50,000 each at least, and it’s a dog that has been saving American lives. It’s kind of a hero in a way,” says Ron Aiello, president of the U.S. War Dogs Association. “They made a really big deal about Cairo being a super dog but all dogs in the military are super dogs.” Oh, shut up Aiello. These soldiers don’t need that bullshitty “Everybody Wins” kind of coddling. They’re warriors, not pussies.

War Dog Adoption Requests Rise Following Bin Laden Mission [HuffPo]
(*The AP says this was done in “previous generations,” which we hope means at least 35 years ago if not more.)