Observer Reporter Goes Wild, Tries Smoking in Several Newly Smoke-Free Parks


Nate Freeman, the Observer nightlife reporter who gave us the trend story about how young New Yorkers aren’t having sex anymore, was sent out by the paper to see how the city was enforcing the new smoking ban in public plazas and parks. Turns out, the cops were pretty nice and low-key about it whenever he lit up, even though Freeman did his best to be the exact opposite.

Excuse me, officer,” we said, Marlboro blazing between our fingers. “How is the ban on smoking in the park going so far?” She stared at the stick burning in our hand.
“It’s going well because when we ask people to put out their cigarettes, they do,” she said, without asking us to do just that.
“People are being cooperative, then?” we asked.
“Most people, but you’re smoking right in front of me.”

Ballsy stuff, eh? Of course, this trick has been played before, like when Radar sent Neel Shah to openly snort cocaine in a bunch of restaurants and bars. But smoking cigarettes outdoors and being needlessly rude to friendly police officers — that’s pretty badass, too.

Smoked Out! Ban on Cigs in Parks Begins, But Will City Brass Actually Bust Butts? [NYO]