Osama Bin Laden’s Wife Claims Bin Laden Stayed At Pakistani Compound For Five Years


According to ABC, one of Osama Bin Laden’s three captured wives said Bin Laden “split his time between only two different rooms” in the walled compound where he was killed, and he didn’t leave the house for five years. “He used two rooms on one of the floors,” Asad Munir, a Pakistani military official explained. “He never went anywhere.”

Bin Laden’s youngest wife, 29 year-old Amal al-Sadah, also told interrogators that she didn’t venture outside the compound for five years. However, according to CNN, Pakistani officials said they weren’t sure whether Bin Laden had left the house during the five-year period his wife described.

Al-Sadah, who was reportedly wounded during Sunday’s raid, lived with two of Bin Laden’s five wives and thirteen of his children at the compound. The three wives and all of the children are now in Pakistani custody. They will eventually be returned to their country of origin, Pakistani officials said. U.S. officials have reportedly requested access to the wives, but have been denied so far.

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