Hillary Clinton Seeks Continued Cooperation With Pakistan


According to Reuters, the Pakistani army said Chief of Staff General Ashfaq Kayani “made it clear” that another action similar to the U.S.’s operation in Abbottabad “will warrant a review on the level of military/intelligence cooperation with the United States.” That said, the Pakistani army also plans to conduct its own investigation into why it failed to notice that, you know, the world’s most wanted man was living in its country, a stone’s throw from the capital. Meanwhile, Republican Kay Granger and Democrat Howard Berman wrote to Hillary Clinton on Thursday to complain about the U.S.’s continued aid to Pakistan. But Clinton, in Rome meeting with Silvio Berlusconi, said D.C. is anxious to maintain its alliance with Islamabad. “It is not always an easy relationship, you know that,” the Secretary of State admitted. “But it is a productive one for both countries, and we are going to continue to cooperate between our governments, our militaries, and our law-enforcement agencies.” [Reuters, Politico]