PayPal Sues Google for Stealing Trade Secrets


We told you the mobile payments battle was getting heated, but we didn’t know it was getting ugly. PayPal has filed a lawsuit alleging that Osama Bedier, a former PayPal exec now at Google, stole confidential information. The lawsuit also alleges that Stephanie Tilenius, the Google VP who led the demo of the Google Wallets app yesterday, violated contractual obligations by recruiting Bedier. According to the filing, Bedier discussed a job at Google while leading negotiations for Google to use PayPal as a payment option in Android. EBay, which owns PayPal and used to employ Tilenius, says they made her sign a contract not to recruit their employees. But the suit says Tilenius messaged Bedier on Facebook telling him she had a “HUGE” opportunity for him. Using Google’s rival social site and all caps? That is unprofesh.

PayPal Sues Google Over Mobile Payment Secrets [Bloomberg]
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