Pervez Musharraf Admits Rogue Pakistani Officers Might Have Helped Hide Bin Laden


Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan, told ABC News that rogue, lower-level members of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, and its military might have aided Osama bin Laden in keeping his compound secret. Musharraf also called the fact that bin Laden hid for six years near the equivalent of West Point in Abbottabad a “big blunder” for the ISI. However, he said he agreed with Pakistan’s refusal to let the U.S. back into the compound, saying, “No government can accept a violation of their sovereignty.” That’s exactly the type of objection Musharaff was supposed to raise in order to cover-up a reported agreement permitting the U.S. to hunt for bin Laden within Pakistan. The deal, supposedly first brokered between Musharraf and President George W. Bush in 2001, said Pakistan should object “vociferously” afterward. Perhaps just to sell it, Musharraf threw in a bit of name-calling as an added flourish, telling ABC that America would do wise to not to ruffle more feathers, “You want to alienate Pakistan, you will be a loser.”

Former Pakistan President: If U.S. Alienates Pakistan, They Will “Lose” [ABC News]
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