Peter King Will Run for President If He Doesn’t Have to Do Anything


A single human being, Nassau County GOP chief Joe Mondello, has suggested that Congressman Peter King run for president, and by the bizarre laws of politics, King cannot just categorically reject the idea and say that, no, he's not interested. Instead, he says he might be interested, but he'll make absolutely no effort to campaign.

The Long Island GOP congressman's county Republican leader, Joe Mondello, is pushing the idea — and King so far isn't shying away.

King told POLITICO he'd be interested "if it takes off."

But, he added, "I'm not going to campaign — I'm focused entirely on running for Congress. I'm not focused on Iowa, I'm not going to New Hampshire, I'm not going to Florida."

Relatedly, I'm not going to start boxing, but if someone wants to give me the heavyweight boxing title, I'll accept it. Think about it, get back to me.

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