Sarah Palin Will Drive Around in a Bus for a While for Some Reason


Palinwatch 2011 is on. After generally ignoring her existence for the past few months, we must once again closely follow the movements of Sarah Palin, because those movements increasingly signal that she’s going to run for president. She’s hired new staff, she’s releasing a movie, there’s a fire burning deep inside her belly, and starting Sunday, Palin will embark on a weeks-long bus tour of “historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America,” according to a SarahPAC statement. The point being to “recapture the everywoman persona that was so integral to her political rise.” (Hopefully nobody notices the terribly un-everywoman-like 8,000-square-foot, $1.74 million walled-in mansion she just bought.)

Likely this is all happening now because Palin sees an opening with Mike Huckabee out of the race and the general disenchantment the GOP establishment feels with the slew of candidates currently running. She’s just about even with Mitt Romney at the top of the latest poll, and she has just about as good of a chance of winning the nomination as anyone. That doesn’t mean she’s definitely going to run. Hell, if we had no job and millions of dollars to burn, we might commission a movie about ourselves and drive around in a bus for a while too. Why not?

Palin’s “Exploratory” Campaign: A Nationwide Bus Tour [RCP]