Some People Don’t Believe Tucson Shooting Ever Happened, Obviously


What should we call the people who believe that January’s Tucson massacre, which killed six people and wounded thirteen others, never actually took place? Tucsoners? Loughnerers? Nothing very elegant comes to mind. Anyway, they exist, which should not be surprising, since literally nothing can happen on earth these days without someone attaching a conspiracy to it. “Investigators” for one website are even showing up at victims’ homes.

They tried to get into my home,” said the victim, who asked that he not be identified because it might attract more such visitors. “They wanted to know if I had any pictures. They said they didn’t believe the event took place.”

We love how they hand out business cards with the conspiracy website’s name on it, as if that makes them more legit. “Oh, you’re from some Texas conspiracy website? Okay. I thought maybe you were a lunatic.”

Hoax Site Distressing for Victims of Shooting [NYT]