Taliban Acknowledges Bin Laden’s Death, As It Continues Attacking Kandahar


The Taliban acknowledged late Friday that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces, saying bin Laden’s death will reinvigorate the “jihad” against the West. Earlier on Friday, Al Qaeda released a statement on its website saying bin Laden “embraced martyrdom.” Meanwhile, on Saturday, militants attacked government buildings in Kandahar, aiming to capture the provincial governor, according to CNN. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the strikes and said the assault is part of its “Bader Operation,” an offensive launched last week aiming kill the governor of Kandahar and “demoralize” international forces in the country. Provincial governor Tooryalai Wesa evaded capture but an unknown number of people are believed to have been killed, and police officers were wounded in gunfights between security forces and militants. [CNN, CNN]