The Five Best Things Jeffrey Goldberg Has Been Called Recently


The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg lived in Israel, served in the Israeli military, and has earned a reputation as one of Israel’s most prominent defenders in all of journalism. And yet, after backing President Obama’s oddly controversial comments about the Middle East peace process last week (see here and here, for example), he received hundreds of angry e-mails from incensed (and creative) supporters of Israel, some of which he posted online today. Here are the top five best things he was called:

5. a “TRAITOR left-wing Jew”
4. a “faggotJew”
3. “one of those mass murdering Nazis”
2. “a tired whore who spends your days sucking obamer dick.”
1. a “Nazi Scumbag piece of shit coward moron mass murderering traitor”

A Cornucopia of Hate Mail, Obama (and Goldblog) Edition [Atlantic]