The Middleton Family Looks Like a Good Time


Prince William and Kate Middleton seem sort of perfect, so we were concerned they might be sort of boring, if adorable and charismatic. Now, however, we’re meeting the whole Middleton clan, and they seem pretty fun. There’s Kate’s brother James, pictured, the handsome 24 year-old baker and college drop-out who dropped his pants all over the Internet. (Currently, for some reason, he’s trying to have the photos scrubbed from said Internet.) Then there’s Kate’s sister Pippa, the scene-stealing maid of honor, who can now be seen in the New York Post dancing sans clothes with some goofy guy in boxers. These are hardly skeletons in the closet – and, let’s not forget, William has to deal with Harry – but, the point is … half-nude photos? James is cute? What was the point again? Oh right, we all photograph our mistakes. Even the siblings of the duke and duchess. [NYP]