This Might Just Be the Saddest Picture in the Whole World


Let’s make a list of the things about this photograph that are depressing, shall we?

1) It’s a picture of Lindsay Lohan and Marilyn Manson. Just, that.
2) It was taken at a party for DeLeon, a brand of tequila. (Lindsay, for those of you lucky enough not to know, has substance struggles so severe that she’s faced jail time over them.)
3) While Lohan is making a sort of standard Rose McGowan–trouty-mouth, Manson is making — what is that, unsatisfying-cunnilingus mouth?
4) Both of them appear to have sort of given up in the makeup department. Is there anything sadder than a 42-year-old man giving up on eyeshadow?
5) It appears that they are participating in this photo willingly.