A Site Dedicated to the Color of the New York City Sky


Every five minutes, NSKYC, a site by web designer Mike Bodge, updates with a new snapshot of the average color of the city's sky at that moment. It may sound mundane, but the result is actually fascinating and beautiful. The page has been dominated by varying shades of gray today, but scroll down to the early morning hours to find vibrant blues around 5 a.m., or skip past the black of night for yesterday evening's maroon sunset.

We reached out to Bodge for some details on how he came up with the concept:

"My desk at work looks out onto a great view over Noho and the East Village. Every day I'm wow'd at not just the view itself, but also how quickly it changes hour by hour. I think a lot of New Yorkers draw inspiration from the skyline itself. I do a lot of small internet 'art' projects and the basic idea of tracking the sky popped into my head one day. It took a few iterations to boil it down to the simple form that it is in now of just the color blocks. It's something you can just look at and get it immediately."

As for what's next, Bodge says he'd "like to expand it to some more cities and plot the colors across a map, or maybe do some installations based on it. We shall see."

[NSKYC via Gothamist]