Advertisers Examining Whether Monkeys Are As Dumb As Humans


Many ads attempt to accomplish nothing more than to create a connection between a given product and the possibility of having sex with hot women, or, relatedly, of becoming the type of man that hot women are willing to have sex with. It’s the old adage “sex sells,” and it works because men really want to have sex, and even though deep down we know that drinking a particular brand of light beer or using a certain deodorant isn’t going to help us do that, our dumb animal brains compel us to seek out any possible edge we can find. Now two ad executives and a Yale researcher have teamed up to see if capuchin monkeys, who also have dumb animal brains, will be as susceptible to advertising. One billboard that’s being used in the experiment is simply “a graphic shot of a female monkey with her genitals exposed, alongside the brand A logo.”

The first advertising campaign for non-human primates [New Scientist]