Alec Baldwin Had Been Looking for an Opening


Is Alec Baldwin really contemplating a run for mayor, as The Daily reported today? Who knows. What we do know is that last month, at the Carnegie Hall 120th Anniversary Gala, Baldwin told our reporter Adrienne Gaffney that he was "very interested" in getting into politics, but he didn't see any opportunities.

"Probably now that’s something I can’t really think about seriously because I’m a Democrat and New York has five safe Democratic seats in all the statewide races. I’m not qualified to be Attorney General or Comptroller. Andrew Cuomo will probably be the Governor for the rest of our lives and the two Senate seats are safe seats right now, so I can’t imagine what I would run for. But if that terrain should shift in any way, I would certainly think about it. I’m very interested. Very."

On the one hand, he didn't even mention running for mayor. On the other hand, though, he went out of his way to emphasize the word "very." That has to mean something.