Aspiring Brooklyn Rapper Seeks, Gets Attention in Times Square


If there’s one place in the world where it’s difficult to get noticed, it’s Times Square. A grown man wearing nothing but a diaper and a coat of chocolate syrup could walk through its chaotic, packed streets without turning a single head. Believe us, we’ve tried. Nobody cared. It was humiliating.

But one surefire way to get some attention, apparently, is climbing twenty feet up a traffic-light pole, as 34-year-old Raymond Velasquez did this morning. Traffic was shut down for two hours as Velasquez, an aspiring rapper who was upset about not being able to meet Alicia Keys at MTV’s studios nearby, refused to come down from the pole at 44th Street and Seventh Avenue, despite attempts by police. “He was rapping to the police officers, rapping to everybody,” a witness tells the Post. He’s currently rapping to a padded wall at Bellevue Hospital.

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