Beata Boman Really Likes Scarves, Okay?


Beata Boman is a Polish socialite and ex-model who makes the charity rounds in New York and was once spotted getting kissed by Prince Andrew at a party on the French Riviera. She’s been accused this week of shoplifting an $11,000 scarf from a boutique on Greenwich Avenue. Cops claim she brazenly put the scarf in her purse, price tag and all, and walked away with it. She only made it as far as the nearest Starbucks before she turned on her heel to return it, but it was too late — she was busted. The NYPD Greenwich police department claims she admitted on the spot to shoplifting, but now her lawyers say it was a mistake. She had merely stuffed it in her bag while distracted on the phone talking to a friend who was “about to have brain surgery.”

Obviously, only New York’s Greenwich’s Finest can get to the bottom of this important crime, which made it to page three of the Post this morning. But in the meantime, you have to admit — if scarves were the only thing you had to wear for clothes, you might start stealing them, too.

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