China Shows Signs of Catching the U.S. in Social-Media Scandal Production


Wang Gongquan is a passionate man. There are four things the Chinese billionaire loves, perhaps not wisely, but too well:

1) His mistress, for whom the 49-year-old venture capitalist left his wife in May.

2) Sina Weibo, the “Twitter-like” service on which he announced said elopement, simultaneously to his wife and followers.

3) The expressive power of song. Since news broke of his affair, rather than hide from the ensuing scandal, he’s uploaded videos of himself standing in front of the sea and warbling self-penned odes to his love, in a relatively impressive baritone.

As the lyrics make it clear, he’s ready to throw it all away for love:

4) Attention. If the Sanford and Weiner scandals were combined, it might look a little something like this. America, other countries are taking our scandal ideas and making them more efficient! Let’s get it together.

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