Chris Christie Takes Back the Thing He Said Yesterday About Paying for His Helicopter Rides


It was only yesterday that New Jersey governor and miserly budget zealot Chris Christie was defying critics who wanted him to reimburse the state for using a police helicopter to ferry him to and from his son’s high school baseball game:

The governor does not reimburse for security and travel,” a spokesman for the governor, Kevin Roberts, said in an e-mail message. “The use of air travel has been extremely limited and appropriate.”

But Christie likely soon determined that saving a few thousand dollars wasn’t worth the damage to his reputation, because today his office announced that the governor and the New Jersey Republican Party have agreed to pony up a combined $3,383.73 for Tuesday’s air travel, as well as for a copter trip Christie took to another baseball game last Friday, which nobody knew about.

Too late!

Gov. Christie reimburses N.J. for use of state helicopter to attend son’s baseball games [Star-Ledger]