Today’s Reason to Not Do Cocaine


By way of the New York Daily News comes a new reason not to do cocaine:

"Doctors say the cocaine hitting the streets in New York is now cut with levamisole, a drug that veterinarians use to de-worm livestock, causing cokeheads' skin to rot off. Snorting or smoking cocaine cut with levamisole can cause large patches of rotting skin on users' face and body. In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Agency said nearly 70% of the coke coming into the U.S. was cut with levamisole, up from 30% in 2008."

Wow. Perhaps this one really will be a deterrent. The fact that cocaine is dangerous, illegal, addictive, and often procured via horrifying means is, of course, not enough to stop all New Yorkers from using it; but the fact that it could make them less attractive just might be.

Cocaine cut with levamisole causing users' skin to rot off [NYDN]