Condé Nast Is Making Things Difficult at 1 WTC


When Condé Nast moves downtown to 1 WTC it’ll do so with some custom specifications in place. The publisher is spending upwards of $1 million to create a huge ventilation shaft around one story high and 25 feet wide that will extend out of the north face of the tower. It’s specifically for the Condé Nast cafeteria, but not everyone is happy about it, namely the Port Authority, who originally balked at Condé Nast’s special requests — until Condé Chairman S.I. Newhouse, Jr. threatened to walk away from the building. The Port Authority is concerned that other tenants may follow suit and begin requesting additional building modifications. “Hopefully, it won’t evolve into multiple acne spots all over the building’s façade,” said one anonymous source close to the project.

$1M hole in the wall [NYP]