David Axelrod Just Saying That Jon Huntsman Loves Everything About Barack Obama


According to those weird motocross ads, we are just one day away from Jon Huntsman’s official entrance into the 2012 presidential race. And you can tell that Team Obama is taking him seriously. One of Huntsman’s most glaring weaknesses is that until very recently, he was serving in the [socialist, America-hating, apology-addicted] Obama administration as the ambassador to China, and yesterday, Obama strategist David Axelrod emphasized just how supportive of Obama Huntsman has been.

Speaking Sunday on the CNN program “State of the Union,” Mr. Axelrod said Mr. Huntsman had been “effusive” about what Mr. Obama was doing when Mr. Axelrod accompanied the president to China during that 2009 trip.

A Huntsman spokesman calls Axelrod’s comments “absurd.” But since nobody knows what really took place, Axelrod can basically claim whatever he wants. Huntsman had a tear in his eye as he hugged Obama, Huntsman ran alongside Obama’s train as it was pulling away from the station, etc.

For 2012 Hopeful, Envoy Job in China Was a Useful Detour [NYT]