Ruben Diaz Sr.’s Anti-Marriage-Equality Activism Is Hurting Basically Everyone He Knows


My grandfather, [New York] Senator Ruben Diaz, spoke about marriage equality on a radio station in April. He was joined by a priest who said, ‘Gay people are worthy of death.’ Papa didn’t say anything. My grandfather should know that as he continues to skewer the marriage-equality bill on the radio, television and in newspapers, I am listening and reading. When I was younger, marriage equality was not an issue for me. But now, as my grandfather ceaselessly comments on the issue, each word stings, since I live with my girlfriend of 2.5 years, and our two sons. My grandfather has witnessed our love: At Christmas he lovingly played with our children. You cannot tell someone that you love them and stay silent when people call for their death. I was shattered.” —Twenty-two-year-old Erica Diaz, the lesbian granddaughter of Ruben Diaz Sr., speaking out about her grandfather, a vehemently anti-gay politician who, in addition to this lesbian granddaughter, has a gay best friend and two gay brothers.

Grandpa’s gay of reckoning [NYP]