Do You Ever Wish Williamsburg Was Farther Away, Dirtier, and More Bathing-Suit Friendly?

Full body shot of an attractive man walking forward in a red low cut Miami-style swimsuit and holding a white towel. Shot in a studio against a gray background. Photo: Nicolas McComber/(c) Nicolas McComber 2009

Then try the Rockaways this summer, "the sliver of dilapidated bungalows, drug-riddled public housing and W.P.A.-era boardwalk." If that doesn't already entice you, it's a beach without children, explains the Times, which seems to be the main draw for those who've recently discovered the area. There's no mention of whether the water makes for a good swim, but it's not the ocean's refreshing properties all these "young, artsy types" are seeking.

“It’s not really this secret anymore that it’s cool out there” said Chris Goldstein, office manager at Jelly NYC. “Williamsburg has gotten so Chuck E. Cheesed out. People are looking for more of an adventure.”

An adventure that includes easy access via "single-gear bicycle, Zipcar and the occasional skateboard" to quinoa black-bean burgers and vegan baked goods. Can such a prelapsarian paradise last? Even before the "Style" section treatment, there were snakes in the garden: "Real estate agents are eagerly marketing condos as summer vacation homes for young professionals," an unexpected development for a place where one can get tacos from a restaurateur whose other projects include Asian-fusion outposts in Nolita and Dumbo.

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