Eliot Spitzer on Weiner: ‘Believe Me, I Know, I’ve Been There’


On Tuesday night, sex scandal pot Eliot Spitzer met sex scandal kettle, Anthony Weiner, and seemed in his element, discussing Anthony Weiner’s admission this afternoon of sending risqué photos, texts, and e-mails. On CNN’s The Arena, Spitzer spoke to Democratic strategist James Carville, the Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz, and former New York representative Rick Lazio about the scandal, Weiner’s myriad apologies, and whether he should, like Spitzer, resign. Spitzer began the show by referring to Weiner’s afternoon press conference as “cringe-worthy,” noting, “believe me, I know, I’ve been there.”

His three guests managed to keep references to Spitzer’s own sexual embarrassments to a minimum, but Kurtz did note that while Spitzer may have cheated with hookers at least he didn’t lie to the media about it for a week first. But did the press conference help assuage at least some of the feelings of anger and betrayal the media was feeling? Said Kurtz, “People got to see him getting beat up and he was beating himself up at the same time. I don’t think he had much choice.” And anyway, it may not matter what the media has to say — it’s up to the voters, after all. And Kurtz’s mother, at least, who lives in Sheepshead Bay — in Weiner’s district — says she’ll keep voting for Weiner as long as he’s running.