First Ad for Keith Olbermann’s New Show Reminds You of Everything You Hate About Keith Olbermann


Keith Olbermann’s new show debuts on Al Gore’s Current TV on Monday. Like his old show on MSNBC it will be called Countdown, and it will feature much of the same staff. And, judging by the ad released yesterday by Current, it will also include many of the other trappings of the old show: hubris, paranoia, finger-pointing, and doom-saying. (Not that you expected anything less when you heard Gore and Olbermann were going to get together). The suffocatingly self-serious ad features Olbermann awkwardly avoiding a censor box as he speaks. “The free flow of information has been thwarted, dissenting voices silenced, and for every story there’s a flurry of heavily biased corporate-sponsored spin that can distract even the most engaged viewer,” he warns. “And every day we’re left with a bit less clarity. Until now.”

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough: They just announced they’ve hired Rolling Stone polemicist Matt Taibbi as a contributor.

[via HuffPo]